CMM will be holding one open casting session on March 30th from 10am-2pm. It will be at Pinecrest Baptist Church in McDonough, GA (175 Foster Drive). Filming dates are July 8th-27th in Atlanta and Washington D.C. For questions, contact Producer Sara Prisk by email at


Jake Harvard (male 12-14)  download sides
A young teenager with a passion for all things spy and detective-related. He is a self-centered and sarcastic boy who must rise to the occasion when lives are on the line. Lead role.

Kat Adams (female 12-14)  download sides
A cute, likeable and very witty young teenage girl who loves adventure and helps to solve the mystery through her knowledge, insight and connections. Hero's sidekick.

Uncle Benny (male 40-60)  download sides
A middle-aged detective who switches often between two distinct modes, vibrant/jovial and low-key/down. He is not unmotivated, but he lacks the knowledge, skill and common sense to accomplish much of anything. Primarily a comedic role.

The Patriot (male adult)  download sides
A colonial-era politician stuck in the present-day. His early-American (light British) accent and manner make him stand out in Washington DC. He, however, is just as intrigued by the difference a couple of centuries has made.

Brett Devers (male or female adult)  download sides
Chief of staff to a US Congressman. This character is out for personal gain through his/her position of privilege and must eliminate Jake and Kat in order to achieve the power he/she seeks. Antagonist role.


Lola Meanors (female 50-75)  download sides 
The distraught wife of a missing scientist.

Agent Simmons (male 35-65)  download sides
NSA senior agent and interrogator.

Bev Harvard (female 35-50)  download sides
Jake's mother.

Lance (male adult)  download sides
Mean-looking tough-guy. Sidekick to the villain.

Ross Harvard (male 35-50)  download sides
Jake's father.


Jimmy (male 9-11)  download sides
Jake's neighborhood friend. A non-assertive follower-type.

Waitress (female adult)  download sides
A frustrated server at a coffee shop. Sarcastic. Comedic role.

Brittany Harvard (female 15-18)  download sides
Jake's sister. Chronically-perturbed individual.

Angry Man (male adult)  download sides
Ultra-tough biker-type who is surprisingly emotional. Comedic role.

Greeter (male or female adult)  download sides
Helpful but dense host/hostess at a restaurant. Comedic role.

Friendly Man (male adult)  download sides
Happy, friendly and clinically insane individual. Comedic role.